; Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
; BLJM60491
; From


[Max Money]
2000F920 05F5E0FF

20000F6E 270F270F
20000F76 270F270F
20000F7E 270F270F
20000F86 270F270F
20000F8E 270F270F
20000F96 270F270F
20000F9E 000A0000
2000197E 270F270F
20001986 270F270F
2000198E 270F270F
20001996 270F270F
2000199E 270F270F
200019A6 270F270F
200019AE 000A0000
20001E86 270F270F
20001E8E 270F270F
20001E96 270F270F
20001E9E 270F270F
20001EA6 270F270F
20001EAE 270F270F
20001EB6 000A0000
2000238E 270F270F
20002396 270F270F
2000239E 270F270F
200023A6 270F270F
200023AE 270F270F
200023B6 270F270F
200023BE 000A0000
20001476 270F270F
2000147E 270F270F
20001486 270F270F
2000148E 270F270F
20001496 270F270F
2000149E 270F270F
200014A6 000A0000
20002896 270F270F
2000289E 270F270F
200028A6 270F270F
200028AE 270F270F
200028B6 270F270F
200028BE 270F270F
200028C6 000A0000
20002D9E 270F270F
20002DA6 270F270F
20002DAE 270F270F
20002DB6 270F270F
20002DBE 270F270F
20002DC6 270F270F
20002DCE 270F270F
200032A6 270F270F
200032AE 270F270F
200032B6 270F270F
200032BE 270F270F
200032C6 270F270F
200032CE 270F270F
200032D6 000A0000
200037AE 270F270F
200037B6 270F270F
200037BE 270F270F
200037C6 270F270F
200037CE 270F270F
200037D6 270F270F
200037DE 000A0000
20003CB6 270F270F
20003CBE 270F270F
20003CC6 270F270F
20003CCE 270F270F
20003CD6 270F270F
20003CDE 270F270F
20003CE6 000A0000

; --- Character Neptune ---

[Max EXP]
20000F48 05F5E0FF

[Max HP]
20000F60 0001869F
20000F70 0001869F

[Max SP]
20000F68 0000270F
20000F78 0000270F

[Max Str]
20000F7C 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20000F80 0000270F

[Max Int]
20000F84 0000270F

[Max Men]
20000F88 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20000F8C 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20000F90 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20000F94 0000270F

[Max Luk]
20000F98 0000270F

[Max Mov]
20000F9F 0000000A

; --- Character Nepgear: ---

[Max EXP]
20001450 05F5E0FF

[Max HP]
20001468 0001869F
20001478 0001869F

[Max SP]
20001470 0000270F
20001480 0000270F

[Max Str]
20001484 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20001488 0000270F

[Max Int]
2000148C 0000270F

[Max Men]
20001490 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20001494 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20001498 0000270F

[Max AVD]
2000149C 0000270F

[Max Luk]
200014A0 0000270F

[Max Mov]
200014A7 0000000A

; --- Character Plutia: ---

20001970 0001869F
20001980 0001869F

20001978 0000270F
20001988 0000270F

[Max Str]
2000198C 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20001990 0000270F

[Max Int]
20001994 0000270F

[Max Men]
20001998 0000270F

[Max Agi]
2000199C 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200019A0 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200019A4 0000270F

[Max Luk]
200019A8 0000270F

[Max Mov]
200019AF 0000000A

; --- Character Noire: ---

20001E78 0001869F
20001E88 0001869F

20001E80 0000270F
20001E90 0000270F

[Max Str]
20001E94 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20001E98 0000270F

[Max Int]
20001E9C 0000270F

[Max Men]
20001EA0 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20001EA4 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20001EA8 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20001EAC 0000270F

[Max Luk]
20001EB0 0000270F

[Max Mov]
20001EB7 0000000A

; --- Character Blanc: ---

20002380 0001869F
20002390 0001869F

20002388 0000270F
20002398 0000270F

[Max Str]
2000239C 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200023A0 0000270F

[Max Int]
200023A4 0000270F

[Max Men]
200023A8 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200023AC 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200023B0 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200023B4 0000270F

[Max Luk]
200023B8 0000270F

[Max Mov]
200023BF 0000000A

; --- Character Vert: ---

20002888 0001869F
20002898 0001869F

20002890 0000270F
200028A0 0000270F

[Max Str]
200028A4 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200028A8 0000270F

[Max Int]
200028AC 0000270F

[Max Men]
200028B0 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200028B4 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200028B8 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200028BC 0000270F

[Max Luk]
200028C0 0000270F

[Max Mov]
200028C7 0000000A

; --- Character Peashy: ---

20002D90 0001869F
20002DA0 0001869F

20002D98 0000270F
20002DA8 0000270F

[Max Str]
20002DAC 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20002DB0 0000270F

[Max Int]
20002DB4 0000270F

[Max Men]
20002DB8 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20002DBC 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20002DC0 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20002DC4 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20002DC8 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
20002DCF 0000000A

; --- Character Uni: ---

20003298 0001869F
200032AB 0001869F

200032A0 0000270F
200032B0 0000270F

[Max Str]
200032B4 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200032B8 0000270F

[Max Int]
200032BC 0000270F

[Max Men]
200032C0 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200032C4 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200032C8 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200032CC 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
200032D0 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
200032D7 0000000A

; --- Character Rom: ---

200037A0 0001869F
200037B0 0001869F

200037A8 0000270F
200037B8 0000270F

[Max Str]
200037BC 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200037C0 0000270F

[Max Int]
200037C4 0000270F

[Max Men]
200037C8 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200037CC 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200037D0 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200037D4 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
200037D8 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
200037DF 0000000A

; --- Character Ram: ---

20003CA8 0001869F
20003CB8 0001869F

20003CB0 0000270F
20003CC0 0000270F

[Max Str]
20003CC4 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20003CC8 0000270F

[Max Int]
20003CCC 0000270F

[Max Men]
20003CD0 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20003CD4 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20003CD8 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20003CDC 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20003CE0 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
20003CE7 0000000A

; --- Character IF(dlc): ---

200041B0 0001869F
200041C0 0001869F

200041B8 0000270F
200041C8 0000270F

[Max Str]
200041CC 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200041D0 0000270F

[Max Int]
200041D4 0000270F

[Max Men]
200041D8 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200041DC 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200041E0 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200041E4 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
200041E8 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
200041EF 0000000A

; --- Character Compa(dlc): ---

200046B8 0001869F
200046C8 0001869F

200046C0 0000270F
200046D0 0000270F

[Max Str]
200046D4 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200046D8 0000270F

[Max Int]
200046DC 0000270F

[Max Men]
200046E0 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200046E4 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200046E8 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200046EC 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
200046F0 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
200046F7 0000000A

; --- Character First Generation Compa(dlc): ---

20004BC0 0001869F
20004BD0 0001869F

20004BC8 0000270F
20004BD8 0000270F

[Max Str]
20004BDC 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20004BE0 0000270F

[Max Int]
20004BE4 0000270F

[Max Men]
20004BE8 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20004BEC 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20004BF0 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20004BF4 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20004BF8 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
20004BFF 0000000A

; --- Character Falcom (Goddess)(dlc): ---

200050C8 0001869F
200050D8 0001869F

200050D0 0000270F
200050E0 0000270F

[Max Str]
200050E4 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200050E8 0000270F

[Max Int]
200050EC 0000270F

[Max Men]
200050F0 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200050F4 0000270F

[Max Tec]
200050F8 0000270F

[Max AVD]
200050FC 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20005100 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
20005107 0000000A

; --- Character Falcom (Super)(dlc): ---

200055D0 0001869F
200055E0 0001869F

200055DB 0000270F
200055EB 0000270F

[Max Str]
200055EC 0000270F

[Max Vit]
200055F0 0000270F

[Max Int]
200055F4 0000270F

[Max Men]
200055F8 0000270F

[Max Agi]
200055FC 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20005600 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20005604 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20005608 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
2000560F 0000000A

; --- Character Broccoli(dlc): ---

20005AD8 0001869F
20005AE8 0001869F

20005AE0 0000270F
20005AF0 0000270F

[Max Str]
20005AF4 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20005AF8 0000270F

[Max Int]
20005AFC 0000270F

[Max Men]
20005B00 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20005B04 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20005B08 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20005B0c 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20005B10 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
20005B17 0000000A

; --- Character Cyberconnect2(dlc): ---

20005FE0 0001869F
20005FF0 0001869F

20005FE8 0000270F
20005FF8 0000270F

[Max Str]
20005FFC 0000270F

[Max Vit]
20006000 0000270F

[Max Int]
20006004 0000270F

[Max Men]
20006008 0000270F

[Max Agi]
20006000C 0000270F

[Max Tec]
20006010 0000270F

[Max AVD]
20006014 0000270F

[MAX Luk]
20006018 0000270F

[MAX Mov]
2000601F 0000000A

; --- All Challenges Complete: ---

2000B027 00000047
2000B02B 00004C4C
2000B02F 00000028
2000B033 00000020
2000B037 00000018
2000B03B 00000004
2000B03F 00000001
2000B043 00000002
2000B047 00000001
2000B04B 00000076
2000B04F 00000076
2000B053 0000000C
2000B057 0000000C
2000B05B 0000000C
2000B05F 00000028
2000B063 00000028
2000B067 00000028
2000B06B 00000001
2000B06F 000000C4
2000B073 00001250
2000B077 000007A2
2000B07B 00000001
2000B07F 000000C4
2000B083 00000062
2000B087 00000004
2000B08B 00000004
2000B08F 00000004

2000B0B7 00000047
2000B0BB 00004C4C
2000B0BF 00000028
2000B0C3 00000020
2000B0C7 00000018
2000B0CB 00000004
2000B0CF 00000001
2000B0D3 00000002
2000B0D7 00000001
2000B0DB 00000076
2000B0DF 00000076
2000B0E3 0000000C
2000B0E7 0000000C
2000B0EB 0000000C
2000B0EF 00000028
2000B0F3 00000028
2000B0F7 00000028
2000B0FB 00000001
2000B0FF 000000C4
2000B103 00001250
2000B107 000007A2
2000B10B 00000001
2000B10F 000000C4
2000B113 00000062
2000B117 00000004
2000B11B 00000004
2000B11F 00000004

2000B147 00000047
2000B14B 00004C4C
2000B14F 00000028
2000B153 00000020
2000B157 00000018
2000B15B 00000004
2000B15F 00000001
2000B163 00000002
2000B167 00000001
2000B16B 00000076
2000B16F 00000076
2000B173 0000000C
2000B177 0000000C
2000B17B 0000000C
2000B17F 00000028
2000B183 00000028
2000B187 00000028
2000B18B 00000001
2000B18F 000000C4
2000B193 00001250
2000B197 000007A2
2000B19B 00000001
2000B19F 000000C4
2000B1A3 00000062
2000B1A7 00000004
2000B1AB 00000004
2000B1AF 00000004

2000B1D7 00000047
2000B1DB 00004C4C
2000B1DF 00000028
2000B1E3 00000020
2000B1E7 00000018
2000B1EB 00000004
2000B1EF 00000001
2000B1F3 00000002
2000B1F7 00000001
2000B1FB 00000076
2000B1FF 00000076
2000B203 0000000C
2000B207 0000000C
2000B20B 0000000C
2000B20F 00000028
2000B213 00000028
2000B217 00000028
2000B21B 00000001
2000B21F 000000C4
2000B223 00001250
2000B227 000007A2
2000B22B 00000001
2000B22F 000000C4
2000B233 00000062
2000B237 00000004
2000B23B 00000004
2000B23F 00000004

; --- Max Lily Ranks ---

2000C2A0 000003E8
2000C2A4 000003E8
2000C2A8 000003E8
2000C2AC 000003E8
2000C2B0 000003E8
2000C2B4 000003E8
2000C2B8 000003E8
2000C2BC 000003E8
2000C2C0 000003E8
2000C2C4 000003E8
2000C2C8 000003E8
2000C2CC 000003E8
2000C2D0 000003E8
2000C2D4 000003E8
2000C2D8 000003E8
2000C2DC 000003E8
2000C2E0 000003E8
2000C2E4 000003E8

2000C318 000003E8
2000C31C 000003E8
2000C320 000003E8
2000C324 000003E8
2000C328 000003E8
2000C32C 000003E8
2000C330 000003E8
2000C334 000003E8
2000C338 000003E8
2000C33C 000003E8
2000C340 000003E8
2000C344 000003E8
2000C348 000003E8
2000C34C 000003E8
2000C350 000003E8
2000C354 000003E8
2000C358 000003E8
2000C35C 000003E8

2000C38C 000003E8
2000C390 000003E8
2000C394 000003E8
2000C398 000003E8
2000C39C 000003E8
2000C3A0 000003E8
2000C3A4 000003E8
2000C3A8 000003E8
2000C3AC 000003E8
2000C3B0 000003E8
2000C3B4 000003E8
2000C3B8 000003E8
2000C3BC 000003E8
2000C3C0 000003E8
2000C3C4 000003E8
2000C3C8 000003E8
2000C3CC 000003E8
2000C3D0 000003E8

2000C3FC 000003E8
2000C400 000003E8
2000C404 000003E8
2000C408 000003E8
2000C40C 000003E8
2000C410 000003E8
2000C414 000003E8
2000C418 000003E8
2000C41C 000003E8
2000C420 000003E8
2000C424 000003E8
2000C428 000003E8
2000C42C 000003E8
2000C430 000003E8
2000C434 000003E8
2000C438 000003E8
2000C43C 000003E8
2000C440 000003E8

2000C468 000003E8
2000C46C 000003E8
2000C470 000003E8
2000C474 000003E8
2000C478 000003E8
2000C47C 000003E8
2000C480 000003E8
2000C484 000003E8
2000C488 000003E8
2000C48C 000003E8
2000C490 000003E8
2000C494 000003E8
2000C498 000003E8
2000C49C 000003E8
2000C4A0 000003E8
2000C4A4 000003E8
2000C4A8 000003E8
2000C4AC 000003E8

2000C4D0 000003E8
2000C4D4 000003E8
2000C4D8 000003E8
2000C4DC 000003E8
2000C4E0 000003E8
2000C4E4 000003E8
2000C4E8 000003E8
2000C4EC 000003E8
2000C4F0 000003E8
2000C4F4 000003E8
2000C4F8 000003E8
2000C4FC 000003E8
2000C500 000003E8
2000C504 000003E8
2000C508 000003E8
2000C50C 000003E8
2000C510 000003E8
2000C514 000003E8

2000C534 000003E8
2000C538 000003E8
2000C53C 000003E8
2000C540 000003E8
2000C544 000003E8
2000C548 000003E8
2000C54C 000003E8
2000C550 000003E8
2000C554 000003E8
2000C558 000003E8
2000C55C 000003E8
2000C560 000003E8
2000C564 000003E8
2000C568 000003E8
2000C56C 000003E8
2000C570 000003E8
2000C574 000003E8
2000C578 000003E8

2000C594 000003E8
2000C598 000003E8
2000C59C 000003E8
2000C5A0 000003E8
2000C5A4 000003E8
2000C5A8 000003E8
2000C5AC 000003E8
2000C5B0 000003E8
2000C5B4 000003E8
2000C5B8 000003E8
2000C5BC 000003E8
2000C5C0 000003E8
2000C5C4 000003E8
2000C5C8 000003E8
2000C5CC 000003E8
2000C5D0 000003E8
2000C5D4 000003E8
2000C5D8 000003E8

2000C5F0 000003E8
2000C5F4 000003E8
2000C5F8 000003E8
2000C5FC 000003E8
2000C600 000003E8
2000C604 000003E8
2000C608 000003E8
2000C60C 000003E8
2000C610 000003E8
2000C614 000003E8
2000C618 000003E8
2000C61C 000003E8
2000C620 000003E8
2000C624 000003E8
2000C628 000003E8
2000C62C 000003E8
2000C630 000003E8
2000C634 000003E8

2000C648 000003E8
2000C64C 000003E8
2000C650 000003E8
2000C654 000003E8
2000C658 000003E8
2000C65C 000003E8
2000C660 000003E8
2000C664 000003E8
2000C668 000003E8
2000C66C 000003E8
2000C670 000003E8
2000C674 000003E8
2000C678 000003E8
2000C67C 000003E8
2000C680 000003E8
2000C684 000003E8
2000C688 000003E8
2000C68C 000003E8

; --- All Challenges Complete: ---

2000B897 00000047
2000B89B 00004C4C
2000B89F 00000028
2000B8A3 00000020
2000B8A7 00000018
2000B8AB 00000004
2000B8AF 00000001
2000B8B3 00000002
2000B8B7 00000001
2000B8BB 00000076
2000B8BF 00000076
2000B8C3 0000000C
2000B8C7 0000000C
2000B8CB 0000000C
2000B8CF 00000028
2000B8D3 00000028
2000B8D7 00000028
2000B8DB 00000001
2000B8DF 000000C4
2000B8E3 00001250
2000B8E7 000007A2
2000B8EB 00000001
2000B8FF 000000C4
2000B8F3 00000062
2000B8F7 00000004
2000B8FB 00000004
2000B8FF 00000004

2000B927 00000047
2000B92B 00004C4C
2000B92F 00000028
2000B933 00000020
2000B937 00000018
2000B93B 00000004
2000B93F 00000001
2000B943 00000002
2000B947 00000001
2000B94B 00000076
2000B94F 00000076
2000B953 0000000C
2000B957 0000000C
2000B95B 0000000C
2000B95F 00000028
2000B963 00000028
2000B967 00000028
2000B96B 00000001
2000B96F 000000C4
2000B973 00001250
2000B977 000007A2
2000B97B 00000001
2000B98F 000000C4
2000B983 00000062
2000B987 00000004
2000B98B 00000004
2000B98F 00000004

2000BA47 00000047
2000BA4B 00004C4C
2000BA4F 00000028
2000BA53 00000020
2000BA57 00000018
2000BA5B 00000004
2000BA5F 00000001
2000BA63 00000002
2000BA67 00000001
2000BA6B 00000076
2000BA6F 00000076
2000BA73 0000000C
2000BA77 0000000C
2000BA7B 0000000C
2000BA7F 00000028
2000BA83 00000028
2000BA87 00000028
2000BA8B 00000001
2000BA8F 000000C4
2000BA93 00001250
2000BA97 000007A2
2000BA9B 00000001
2000BAAF 000000C4
2000BAA3 00000062
2000BAA7 00000004
2000BAAB 00000004
2000BAAF 00000004

2000BAD7 00000047
2000BADB 00004C4C
2000BADF 00000028
2000BAE3 00000020
2000BAE7 00000018
2000BAEB 00000004
2000BAEF 00000001
2000BAF3 00000002
2000BAF7 00000001
2000BAFB 00000076
2000BAFF 00000076
2000BB03 0000000C
2000BB07 0000000C
2000BB0B 0000000C
2000BB0F 00000028
2000BB13 00000028
2000BB17 00000028
2000BB1B 00000001
2000BB1F 000000C4
2000BB23 00001250
2000BB27 000007A2
2000BB2B 00000001
2000BB3F 000000C4
2000BB33 00000062
2000BB37 00000004
2000BB3B 00000004
2000BB3F 00000004

Group:All Challenges Complete
2000B267 00000047
2000B26B 00004C4C
2000B26F 00000028
2000B273 00000020
2000B277 00000018
2000B27B 00000004
2000B27F 00000001
2000B283 00000002
2000B287 00000001
2000B28B 00000076
2000B28F 00000076
2000B293 0000000C
2000B297 0000000C
2000B29B 0000000C
2000B29F 00000028
2000B2A3 00000028
2000B2A7 00000028
2000B2AB 00000001
2000B2AF 000000C4
2000B2B3 00001250
2000B2B7 000007A2
2000B2BB 00000001
2000B2BF 000000C4
2000B2C3 00000062
2000B2C7 00000004
2000B2CB 00000004
2000B2CF 00000004
2000B2F7 00000047
2000B2FB 00004C4C
2000B2FF 00000028
2000B303 00000020
2000B307 00000018
2000B30B 00000004
2000B30F 00000001
2000B313 00000002
2000B317 00000001
2000B31B 00000076
2000B31F 00000076
2000B323 0000000C
2000B327 0000000C
2000B32B 0000000C
2000B32F 00000028
2000B333 00000028
2000B337 00000028
2000B33B 00000001
2000B33F 000000C4
2000B343 00001250
2000B347 000007A2
2000B34B 00000001
2000B34F 000000C4
2000B353 00000062
2000B357 00000004
2000B35B 00000004
2000B35F 00000004
2000B387 00000047
2000B38B 00004C4C
2000B38F 00000028
2000B393 00000020
2000B397 00000018
2000B39B 00000004
2000B39F 00000001
2000B3A3 00000002
2000B3A7 00000001
2000B3AB 00000076
2000B3AF 00000076
2000B3B3 0000000C
2000B3B7 0000000C
2000B3BB 0000000C
2000B3BF 00000028
2000B3C3 00000028
2000B3C7 00000028
2000B3CB 00000001
2000B3CF 000000C4
2000B3D3 00001250
2000B3D7 000007A2
2000B3DB 00000001
2000B3DF 000000C4
2000B3E3 00000062
2000B3E7 00000004
2000B3EB 00000004
2000B3EF 00000004
2000B417 00000047
2000B41B 00004C4C
2000B41F 00000028
2000B423 00000020
2000B427 00000018
2000B42B 00000004
2000B42F 00000001
2000B433 00000002
2000B437 00000001
2000B43B 00000076
2000B43F 00000076
2000B443 0000000C
2000B447 0000000C
2000B44B 0000000C
2000B44F 00000028
2000B453 00000028
2000B457 00000028
2000B45B 00000001
2000B45F 000000C4
2000B463 00001250
2000B467 000007A2
2000B46B 00000001
2000B46F 000000C4
2000B473 00000062
2000B477 00000004
2000B47B 00000004
2000B47F 00000004
2000B4A7 00000047
2000B4AB 00004C4C
2000B4AF 00000028
2000B4B3 00000020
2000B4B7 00000018
2000B4BB 00000004
2000B4BF 00000001
2000B4C3 00000002
2000B4C7 00000001
2000B4CB 00000076
2000B4CF 00000076
2000B4D3 0000000C
2000B4D7 0000000C
2000B4DB 0000000C
2000B4DF 00000028
2000B4E3 00000028
2000B4E7 00000028
2000B4EB 00000001
2000B4EF 000000C4
2000B4F3 00001250
2000B4F7 000007A2
2000B4FB 00000001
2000B4FF 000000C4
2000B503 00000062
2000B507 00000004
2000B50B 00000004
2000B50F 00000004
2000B537 00000047
2000B53B 00004C4C
2000B53F 00000028
2000B543 00000020
2000B547 00000018
2000B54B 00000004
2000B54F 00000001
2000B553 00000002
2000B557 00000001
2000B55B 00000076
2000B55F 00000076
2000B563 0000000C
2000B567 0000000C
2000B56B 0000000C
2000B56F 00000028
2000B573 00000028
2000B577 00000028
2000B57B 00000001
2000B57F 000000C4
2000B583 00001250
2000B587 000007A2
2000B58B 00000001
2000B58F 000000C4
2000B593 00000062
2000B597 00000004
2000B59B 00000004
2000B59F 00000004
2000B5C7 00000047
2000B5CB 00004C4C
2000B5CF 00000028
2000B5D3 00000020
2000B5D7 00000018
2000B5DB 00000004
2000B5DF 00000001
2000B5E3 00000002
2000B5E7 00000001
2000B5EB 00000076
2000B5EF 00000076
2000B5F3 0000000C
2000B5F7 0000000C
2000B5FB 0000000C
2000B5FF 00000028
2000B603 00000028
2000B607 00000028
2000B60B 00000001
2000B60F 000000C4
2000B613 00001250
2000B617 000007A2
2000B61B 00000001
2000B61F 000000C4
2000B623 00000062
2000B627 00000004
2000B62B 00000004
2000B62F 00000004
2000B657 00000047
2000B65B 00004C4C
2000B65F 00000028
2000B663 00000020
2000B667 00000018
2000B66B 00000004
2000B66F 00000001
2000B673 00000002
2000B677 00000001
2000B67B 00000076
2000B67F 00000076
2000B683 0000000C
2000B687 0000000C
2000B68B 0000000C
2000B68F 00000028
2000B693 00000028
2000B697 00000028
2000B69B 00000001
2000B69F 000000C4
2000B6A3 00001250
2000B6A7 000007A2
2000B6AB 00000001
2000B6AF 000000C4
2000B6B3 00000062
2000B6B7 00000004
2000B6BB 00000004
2000B6BF 00000004
2000B6E7 00000047
2000B6EB 00004C4C
2000B6EF 00000028
2000B6F3 00000020
2000B6F7 00000018
2000B6FB 00000004
2000B6FF 00000001
2000B703 00000002
2000B707 00000001
2000B70B 00000076
2000B70F 00000076
2000B713 0000000C
2000B717 0000000C
2000B71B 0000000C
2000B71F 00000028
2000B723 00000028
2000B727 00000028
2000B72B 00000001
2000B72F 000000C4
2000B733 00001250
2000B737 000007A2
2000B73B 00000001
2000B73F 000000C4
2000B743 00000062
2000B747 00000004
2000B74B 00000004
2000B74F 00000004
[Super Falcom]
2000B777 00000047
2000B77B 00004C4C
2000B77F 00000028
2000B783 00000020
2000B787 00000018
2000B78B 00000004
2000B78F 00000001
2000B793 00000002
2000B797 00000001
2000B79B 00000076
2000B79F 00000076
2000B7A3 0000000C
2000B7A7 0000000C
2000B7AB 0000000C
2000B7AF 00000028
2000B7B3 00000028
2000B7B7 00000028
2000B7BB 00000001
2000B7BF 000000C4
2000B7C3 00001250
2000B7C7 000007A2
2000B7CB 00000001
2000B7CF 000000C4
2000B7D3 00000062
2000B7D7 00000004
2000B7DB 00000004
2000B7DF 00000004
[1st Gen Compa]
2000B807 00000047
2000B80B 00004C4C
2000B80F 00000028
2000B813 00000020
2000B817 00000018
2000B81B 00000004
2000B81F 00000001
2000B823 00000002
2000B827 00000001
2000B82B 00000076
2000B82F 00000076
2000B833 0000000C
2000B837 0000000C
2000B83B 0000000C
2000B83F 00000028
2000B843 00000028
2000B847 00000028
2000B84B 00000001
2000B84F 000000C4
2000B853 00001250
2000B857 000007A2
2000B85B 00000001
2000B85F 000000C4
2000B863 00000062
2000B867 00000004
2000B86B 00000004
2000B86F 00000004
A cheat code (patch code) / Address that modifies PS3 save files.


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